DEKRA Process Safety

Testing Guide for Management of Flash Fires, Explosion and Runaway Reactions

by Vahid Ebadat, PhD, Chief Technical Officer

Organizations in process industries know that even the smallest risk can have devastating outcomes. Unfortunately, many leaders aren’t aware that right now risk of fire, explosion, and errant reactions exist in their factories and worksites. Sometimes the trigger for disaster is poor ventilation that goes unnoticed by workers. Other times it is a hidden layer of dust next to a heat source. With the right testing, leaders can target mitigation efforts to remove the hazards and assure process safety excellence.

Get your copy of the white paper and learn about the process safety data that is necessary for effectively understanding and managing flash fires, explosions, runaway reactions, and accidental release of energy and toxic materials. You will also explore information around:

  • Flammability/explosibility tests
  • Ignition sensitivity tests
  • Explosion pressure and severity data
  • Laboratory testing of runaway scenarios