DEKRA Process Safety

Our technical risk management philosophy recognises the ways in which engineered and soft systems are integrated and interact with each other.

technical risk

Technical Risk Management describes DEKRA's integrated approach to safety, loss prevention and consequential cost reduction. Utilising a range of methodologies to gain an understanding of the risks, we enable our clients to reduce cost by containing incidents, controlling & mitigating the outcome or by preventing/eliminating their occurrence in the first place.

Risk(s) to people, assets, revenue and the environment arise from engineered systems, procedures, people and surroundings of an organisation's operations. Risk control is increasing in importance as business objectives, best practice, stakeholder views and legislative requirements combine to constrain management decisions and system designs.

Our technical risk management philosophy recognises the ways in which engineered and soft systems are integrated and interact with each other. The tools that we apply reflect this spectrum of hard and soft systems with numerical techniques of analysis and design at one end through to psychological and behavioural sciences at the other.

Technical Risk Management techniques are used in many applications as an intrinsic part of the design process in the modification or development of new systems. Studies often form the basis on which investment decisions are made, statutory approvals are requested and justification validated for concessions. This approach is also the basis on which effective Health, Safety and Environmental Management systems are established and, in an increasing number of industries, provide the rigorous approach required in statutory safety cases.

The components of Technical Risk Management include:

  • Risk Assessment, Hazard or Threat Identification, Quantification and Risk Analysis;
  • Impact & Consequence Analysis - both present and future, and mitigation strategy;
  • Behaviour and Performance Analysis of Systems and People;
  • Reliability, Availability and Maintainability and Reliability Centred Maintenance;
  • Safety & Control System (i.e. design, verification, validation and assurance);
  • Multiphase Pipeline Design and Flow Assurance, and Training.

Technical Risk Management addresses the risk to assets, personnel, revenue and business operations intrinsic to the design, construction and operation of exploration, production, processing, and transportation systems. It includes all aspects of risk identification, quantification, control, reduction and mitigation.

DEKRA provides comprehensive capability, which specifically encompasses the engineering, process, procedures and people in the business. This capability has been extensively tested throughout the Oil & Gas industry, which is where DEKRA's key focus remains. Our experience in the oil & gas industry includes among others FPSO vessels, Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs), offshore drilling platforms, offshore production & processing platforms, and jack-up rigs.