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JCI Electrostatic Instrumentation is the most respected name worldwide for specialist instrumentation in the field of electrostatics measurement.

Three instruments are particularly important within the wider JCI product range:

JCI 140 handheld Static Monitor

The JCI 140 handheld Static Monitor is an exceptionally high quality and high specification instrument. It is easy for anyone to use, and will show where static electricity is present, giving both polarity and magnitude. As such it is a key instrument in diagnosing the source of static problems and hence a first line of attack in systematically assessing such problems and then proposing solutions.

Although it is easy for anyone to use, the specification of the JCI 140 means it is also a very serious instrument for industrial and academic professionals in the field of electrostatics.

An analogue output and mains power supply make it suitable for extended monitoring where required, and a number of optional accessories extend its applications to such items as very high input impedance, high voltage voltmeter and a charge-measuring Faraday Pail. A high speed option increases the normal frequency response of -3 dB at 120 Hz to - 3dB at 400Hz

JCI 155v6 Electrostatic Charge Decay Analyser

The JCI 155 provides a unique all-in-one package capable of measuring the charge decay time for materials. This is a key and intuitive indicator of the susceptibility of materials to electrostatic problems and possible electrostatic hazards. It is also useful for Quality Assurance resting where materials are intended to address or control possible electrostatic problems and hazards. The unit can be placed directly on the surface to be tested, but optional bases and inserts ensures a range of material types including sheet, film, textiles, powders and liquids can all be placed in the optimum location for testing. If the active JCI 176 Charge Measuring Base is used, the JCI 155 will also measure capacitance loading.

JCI 131 Adverse Conditions Field Meter

The JCI 131 Field Meter is a high specification fieldmeter, yet is designed for extended use in adverse conditions, including outdoors. It has been extensively used for monitoring around high voltage power lines, but is clearly very suitable for many other applications.

One such application is in the JCI 504 Lightning Detector. This gives advance warning of likely lighting activity by a combination of electric field measurements and radio detection of lightning activity. The radio detector allows lightning to be detected from some distance away, and the field measurement means that storm systems likely to give rise to lightning can be identified even before the first strike! Hence, it is effective even near to extensive plane areas such as seas and oceans, providing advance warning for lightning activity anywhere where electrical storms could potentially disrupt an activity or where lightning might represent a specific and avoidable hazard such as for golf courses, inland and shoreline watersports and track and field events.

A fast version of the JCI 131 is also available which is able to measure electric field at mains frequencies. An optional accessory base unit will even resolve alternating and near-DC fields, which is one of the reasons it is so suitable for use in the region of power lines.


All the JCI instruments referred to above have a range of optional accessories enhancing and extending functionality, which together with JCI's other electrostatic instrumentation makes for one of the most comprehensive ranges of exceptional quality instruments of their type in the world. Further information about the full range of JCI instruments can be found using the product index to the left.

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