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DEKRA Audits is your partner for audits and certifications according to recognized international, national and house standards. We are holding over 200 accreditations for the certification of quality management systems, health safety and environment (HSE) and information security management systems (ISMS). Our offer includes independent audits and assessments as well as personnel certifications for various industries. DEKRA Audits operates with around 560 in-house experts and 1,200 external industry-experienced auditors and partners in 18 countries.

Management Systems Certification:

  • Quality Management Systems:
    • ISO 9001
    • AS / EN 9100
    • ISO 22000
    • ISO/TS 22163 (IRIS)
    • ISO 22301
  • HSE Management Systems:
    • ISO 14001
    • ISO 50001
  • Information Security Management Systems:
    • ISO 27001
    • ISO 20000-1
    • TISAX

Personnel Certification:

Accredited Courses:

What we offer
Our personnel certification services support organizational improvement and implementation of international management standards. We provide internationally recognized and comparable personnel certifications in a variety of fields including:
Quality management

  • Vehicles and technology
  • Construction and real estate
  • Energy and environment
  • Occupational safety
  • Information technology and data protections
  • Health and care

DEKRA Courses:
Expert employees with recognized personnel certifications are the key to a competitive edge

Quality performance depends on strong employee skills, but how can customers and organizations be assured that staff have just the right qualifications?

High standards are the backbone of our DEKRA personnel certifications, and we work with companies across a range of fields to certify employees’ capabilities objectively and appropriately.

The benefits you get from the personnel certification

Reliable credentials based on standards established by a recognized third-party certification provider

Proof of dedication to excellence that motivates staff and attracts customers

A competitive edge

About DEKRA Standard Personnel Certification

The path to personnel certification with us is straightforward:

  • Registration: speak with an advisor to choose the right certification
  • Acceptance: your registration is confirmed
  • Fulfil the requirements for certification: complete a group seminar, an in-house course or other requirements
  • Take exam
  • Receive exam results
  • Repeat exam, if necessary
  • Receive certification
  • Renew certification

Certification is available in a range of fields including occupational health and safety, construction and real estate, energy and the environment, IT and cybersecurity, quality assurance and more.

Gain from our expertise

  • We know that the skills an employee needs to carry out his or her tasks are of enormous importance. In order to record and evaluate these competencies, we develop personnel certification programs in accordance with our own DEKRA standard.
  • We are active in more than 50 countries and keep abreast of global developments in an array of industries.
  • We continue to expand our expertise by working closely with clients to devise customized solutions and share knowledge.

3] Customised Audits:

Successful organizations are constantly striving to improve and gain the upper hand in global markets. With our auditing services, you can strengthen your business by evaluating the quality and performance of your processes, products and systems, identifying vulnerabilities and initiating improvement measures. Our trusted auditors offer experience in various industries and sectors.

Automotive brand performance audits
Automotive brand performance audits tailored to your individual needs for better service and increased customer satisfaction.

Information security audits
Our expert IT security audits identify strengths and weaknesses in your data protection system so that you can fortify your safeguards appropriately.

Supply chain audits
We conduct audits to ensure ethical, environmental and social compliance as well as process integrity and security throughout the entire supply chain.

2nd Party Audits
Fast, efficient independent audits to international standards to help you ensure the competence of your suppliers and the quality of your products.